Affordable item banking and online test delivery

Your all-in-one Canadian solution for delivering tests online and viewing result metrics

Cost-effective assessment solutions for Canada

An online platform for

  • item banking
  • test preparation
  • high stakes testing
  • authoring assessments
  • delivering assessments

Modern Solutions by AssessBank

  • fully featured
  • cost effective
  • battle tested and open-source
  • all data stored in Canada
  • highly secure
  • adheres to provincial and Canadian privacy laws

Our Solutions Offer

Customizable Solutions

AssessBank delivers configurable assessment management and hosting options

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The best fit for Canadians

Our hosting solutions are perfect for Canadian organizations

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Expert Advice

Gain knowledgeable support and in-depth feedback from our team

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Exceptional Security

AssessBank keeps your testing data secure and hosted within Canada

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Behind the code

Decades of international experience tailored for your unique needs

Morgan Roney

Systems Architect

Greg Sadesky



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